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Highlight clips: Hockenheim & Spielberg

Prestart - Race 1 Spielberg 2018

The best scenes from our 2018 races in Germany and Austria are available on our YouTube channel @bossgpofficial.

1st event: Hockenheim Historic

Video: 7 Berge Filmwerkstatt


2nd event: Rundstreckentrophy Spielberg

Video: 7 Berge Filmwerkstatt


Video: WeraceTV

Race Guide Hockenheim

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Sector times and Starting grid

BOSS GP standings


Pictures from race weekend up-to-date in our gallery

Hockenheim Historic 2018

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Schedule BOSS GP

Friday: April 20, 2018

10:00 am-10:25 am: Free practice 1
16:15-16:40: Free practice 2

Saturday: April 21, 2018

10:35 am-11:05 am: Qualifying
17:00-17:20: Race 1

Sunday: April 22, 2018

13:20-13:40: Race 2

BOSS GP part of 2018 German Grand Prix weekend

Ingo Gerstl in his STR1-F1 car in front of a packed crowd

The sensation is perfect: BOSS GP will be driving as support series at the German Formula 1 Grand Prix – from July 20 to 22, 2018 at the Hockenheimring.

Good news for all Formula 1 fans
The BOSS GP complements the programme of this summer’s German Grand Prix. This is the first time that Europe’s fastest racing series will take part in the support programme of the Formula 1 World Championship, which will celebrate its comeback in Germany in 2018 after a one-year break.

The hearty eight-cylinder sound of the GP2 racing cars, the no less exciting sounding World Series by Renault engines, the infernal, loud 12-cylinder Superleague Formula 1 engines and of course the breathtaking and incomparably high-revving ten-cylinder engines of Formula 1 “scream” together in the BOSS GP in the truest sense of the word. All together they offer action-packed, fast and vocal motorsport at its finest, which in this form is unparalleled in the global motorsport universe.

In addition to Formula 1 and BOSS GP, the Hockenheimring Grand Prix weekend also features Europe’s fastest cup series, the Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, and the young guns from ADAC Formula 4.

Formel-1-Autos, wie etwa jener Benetton aus dem Jahr 1997, fahren in der BOSS GP um die Wette.

Formula 1 cars like the 1997 Benetton, will be driven in race speed around the Hockenheimring circuit

Get tickets now

Tickets can be booked in the online ticket shop at www.hockenheimring.de or via the ticket hotline +49 6205 950 222. Children up to and including 6 years of age have free admission (no seat entitlement), children and young people under 16 years pay only 45 Euro (Sunday) and 50 Euro (weekend) on each seat, with the exception of the south grandstand.

BOSS GP calendar 2018:

  • 20–22 April Hockenheim (DEU)
  • 18–20 May Spielberg (AUT)
  • 29 June–1 July Monza (ITA)
  • 20–22 July Hockenheim (DEU)
  • 17–19 August Assen (NED)
  • 7–9 September Brünn (CZE)
  • 12–14 October Le Castellet (FRA)
Die Sehnsucht der Fans nach Rennautos mit Speed und Sound ist groß, etwa beim BOSS-GP-Rennen in Assen

Fans love the speed and sound of Formula One’s V10 and V8 era

Report: Race 1 Hockenheim

f.l. Team member of Salvatore de Plano, Florian Schnitzenbaumer, Armando Mangini

This race was not boring, perhaps even a bit too spectacular: Ingo Gerstl wins the open class as expected, Florian Schnitzenbaumer becomes first FORMULA driver despite an accident with de Plano.

The chronology of the race:

Pre-start: Interruptions during the long day at Hockenheim Historic lead to a delayed start of the BOSS GP.

Shortly after 5:30 pm – more than half an hour later than planned – BOSS GP starts the first race of the weekend: The Pirelli Safety Car led the field to a flying start. Thomas Jakoubek was missing, the Austrian had a braking problem in qualifying, he withdrew from the first race of the weekend.

Florian Schnitzenbaumer (second in FORMULA starting grid behind Salvatore de Plano) could not get away at first, but he was able to get back in position in time before the flying start.

Manfred Loach had to park his Dallara GP2 after only a few hundred metres, after an accident in qualifying he would only have started from 13 – also his place remained empty at the start, the oil temperature in the Top Speed car was too high.

Ingo Gerstl (Top Speed) and Phil Stratford (Penn Elcom Racing) took the lead.

Schnitzenbaumer overtook de Plano, who countered, but the German finally passed him in the Mercedes Arena.

Peter Göllner (Speed Center) spun at the beginning of turn 1, but the Swiss could continue.

From 16th on the grid Andreas Fiedler (Fiedler Racing) really made meters in his green GP2, after three laps he was already seventh, behind debutant Bianca Steiner.

Only a short time later Steiner turned on the same spot as Fiedler, and she was also able to resume her journey at the very end of the field.

Leading drivers Gerstl and Stratford drove the same lap times in the first third of the race. Gerstl announced after qualifying that he would “slow down a bit”.

Lap 4: Two cars, “Piter” and Karl-Heinz Becker, stand independently of each other in the hairpin. “Piter” after a spin, Becker for technical infirmity. “Piter” could drive on, Becker had to stop his home race – the consequence: SAFETY CAR

Right before the Safety Car Veronika Cicha moved up to 8th place, the Czech GP2 pilot started from 14.

Start frei für die neue Saison der BOSS GP

Green flag for the new BOSS GP season


RESTART in turn 6: Gerstl-Stratford, Schnitzenbaumer-de Plano and Mangini-Fiedler are the battle groups at the front.

Three minutes before the end, two crashed racing cars: In the Mercedes Arena de Plano’s car stands tattered on the track – the left front wheel bends. The Polesetter is cared for by the medical team and brought to the Medical Center. The latest news says he’s okay.

De Plano had previously collided with Florian Schnitzenbaumer in the fight for victory in class. De Plano tried to pass Schnitzenbaumers Dallara GP2 on the outside during the braking phase, the wheels touched. De Plano jumped over the right rear wheel of Schnitzenbaumer and then came to a stop without barrier impact.

Andreas Fiedler spun into the gravel bed at the entrance of Motodrom, he also got stuck.

Red Flag, no restart. The result will be counted one lap before the Red Flag, full points will be awarded.

The final result is as follows:


  1. Gerstl
  2. Stratford


  1. Schnitzenbaumer
  2. de Plano
  3. Mangini
  4. Fiedler
  5. Cicha
  6. Steding
  7. Eicke
  8. Steiner
  9. Göllner
  10. Kindler

Report: Qualifying Hockenheim

Not surprisingly, the Austrian Ingo Gerstl takes pole position. De Plano and Schnitzenbaumer in the FORMULA only seperated by two hundredths of a second.

Only two of the four registered cars could start into qualifying today: Ingo Gerstl in his Toro Rosso and Phil Stratford in the Benetton, which the technicians managed to repair overnight. Bernd Herndlhofer and Wolfgang Jaksch had to pack their cars yesterday.

With 1:25.2 min Stratford improved his times in comparison to the previous day noticeably, against the ten years younger STR1-Cosworth of Gerstl of course no cure grew. The Austrian managed to finish under 1:20 with 1:19.664 min.


Phil Stratford's Benetton is repaired and back on track

Phil Stratford’s Benetton is repaired and back on track

This is where the music plays, especially when it comes to the excitement of the race: The fastest times were set by the drivers in Qualifying 1, which is reserved for the five fastest drivers from yesterday’s practice. Florian Schnitzenbaumer in the Dallara-GP2 of Top Speed led until shortly before the end of the only eight-minute session. Salvatore de Plano, who set the best time in the first free practice yesterday, beat the German in the penultimate lap and improved his time from 1:29 to 1:27.9 min. Only two hundredths of a second separated the two FORMULA pilots. De Plano was annoyed about a mistake in the first flying lap in the braking of the second corner, which almost cost him his pole. Schnitzenbaumer expects a close race between the two GP2 drivers.

Armando Mangini (MM International) is already in third place in the FORMULA class by far, but still very satisfied. On the track at Hockenheim, which he did not like, the Italian managed to get a good starting position for the first race this afternoon.

The second qualifying group was disturbed by interruptions. Martin Kindler stopped in the Mercedes Arena, a wheel nut had come loose – the car was towed away.

Shortly after the release Manfred Loach and Andreas Fiedler collided in the warm-up lap. Understandably Fiedler ran badly into the top speed pits. Loach damaged his front wing and also had to park his car at the side of the track, so the fast Austrian only starts from 13 at his BOSS GP debut; Fiedler has to start far more back from 16. Bianca Steiner (Top Speed) did a better job, she came close to the FORMULA front runners; behind de Plano, Schnitzenbaumer and Mangini she is fourth in the FORMULA class.

Best non-GP2 of the FORMULA racers was Karl-Heinz Becker, who got his red Worldseries car ready right before the qualification and will start later as tenth.

The first race starts today at 5:00 p.m. on Saturday.
Race 2 starts Sunday at 13:20.

Right before they collide: Manfred Loach in front of Andreas Fiedler

Right before they collide: Manfred Loach in front of Andreas Fiedler

Report: Free Practice 2 Hockenheim

John Reaks and "Piter" in their World Series cars

Ingo Gerstl (Top Speed) was fastest in his V10-Toro-Rosso for the second time; Florian Schnitzenbaumer was first in FORMULA this afternoon.

The victory in the OPEN class leads – this is to be expected – over BOSS GP champion Ingo Gerstl, also because of the struggeling competitors:

  • Bernd Herndlhofer already had to have his Arrows A22 packed, after yesterday on the day of testing everything was still running smoothly, today nothing worked at all. Troubleshooting will continue at home and another attempt will be made at the second race at the Red Bull Ring (18-20 May).
  • Wolfgang Jaksch is still hopeful to participate in the qualifying tomorrow (10:35 a.m. local time). The Super Aguri Cosworth suffers from heart disease, at least the fuel pump could be brought meanwhile to run.
  • The fourth entered in the OPEN class, Phil Stratford (Penn Elcom Racing), was just ahead of the first FORMULA driver with 1:30.621 min. After he stopped in the morning, the mechanics continue to search for the cause in the afternoon.
Ingo Gerstl fastest in his Toro Rosso

Ingo Gerstl twice fastest in training on Friday at Hockenheim


  • With only one interruption, the BOSS GP came through the afternoon session. Bianca Steiner (Top Speed) spun at the branch of the new track, but with the help of the marshals she could continue.
  • The Frenchman “Piter” improved his time by three seconds compared to the morning (1:34.5 min) – despite a performance deficit compared to the GP2-Mecachrome he keeps up well with his World Series Renault.
  • Andreas Fiedler (Fiedler Racing) complained that the track “gives less” than last year. But with 7th place he is right in the middle of the very close FORMULA field. Only two and a half seconds lie between positions 4 and 9. Considering that some were still on the road with old tyres today, the most excitement can be expected here.
  • The fastest FORMULA pilot of the morning Salvatore de Plano (MM International) had to miss the second session. Increased engine oil temperature prevented the car from leaving the pits. Instead, Florian Schnitzenbaumer was fastest in Dallara-GP2, with 1:30.922 he was almost seven seconds behind his team mate Gerstl’s Formula 1.
  • Last, but happy was John Reaks at Speed Center. At 68, the Briton is second oldest in the field and for the first time at Hockenheim: “You learn lap by lap”, he said after the training. The fastest man of the team from Germany was Peter Göllner in 7th place.
  • Karl-Heinz Becker from Germany would also have liked to learn, but the engine did make that impossible. His engineer was contacted in Japan – but so far he could not help by remote control either.

Pictures of today’s practice sessions available here:

Hockenheim Historic 2018

Report: Free Practice 1 Hockenheim

Salvatore de Plano war schnellster FORMULA-Fahrer

Ingo Gerstl (Top Speed) set the best time in his Toro Rosso STR1, Salvatore de Plano (MM International) in his GP2 was the fastest FORMULA driver.

25 minutes of practice were on the schedule, but some red-flag interruptions shortened the driving time in the first free practice session. Due to the tight schedule, the clock continues to tick even during a red flag.

  • Salvatore de Plano sets the first time under 1 minute 30 seconds. In the end the Italian from MM International was second fastest behind Gerstl, and with 1:29.158 the fastest FORMULA pilot. “One second faster is possible”, last year’s runner-up said after the first practice session.
  • Phil Stratfords Benetton B197 stranded in the middle of the session in the hairpin bend, the mechanics suspect problems with the battery. Previously, he had finished second in the FORMULA classification.
  • H&A Racing and F Xtreme Racing are very busy: Both Wolfgang Jaksch‘s Super Aguri and Bernd Herndlhofer‘s Arrows had to visit the pit after only a few laps due to technical difficulties. Veronika Cicha was the only one in the team who could do a normal training – but she complained about the used tyres.
  • At Top Speed all eyes are on the three rookies: Manfred Loach completed fewer laps than planned, the red flags also stopped him – the Austrian could continue after a spin.
    Bianca Steiner came through the training without a spin, she came 5th in the FORMULA class and is considered an insider tip for the races.
    Debutant Thomas Jakoubek spun in his first lap at the Motodrom, at the end of the penultimate corner. After the engine stalled, the Austrian had to get out and the car was towed away.
  • The Swiss Peter Göllner (Speed Center) spun just after tipping the throttle in the hairpin bend and his GP2-Dallara also had to be towed away. Three minutes before the end, the session was released again after the second interruption.
  • The fastest driver of the morning session was Ingo Gerstl (Top Speed) with 1:22.122 min. His newly revised V10 engine was only tried for the first time yesterday on the race track.

Ready for the ninth season: The BOSS GP 2018

Europes fastest racing series starts into an exciting year next weekend at the Jim Clark Revival at Hockenheimring with 19 starters.

First stop: classic meets modern
The season for the Big Open Single Seater begins traditionally at Hockenheim in Southern Germany. Next weekend (April 20-22), two races of the spectacular BOSS GP are scheduled in a setting that could hardly be more beautiful: Bosch Hockenheim Historic, in honour of Jim Clark, who died in Hockenheim on April 7, 1968, attracts tens of thousands to the Hockenheimring every year. Jim Clark’s 50th anniversary of his death is commemorated this year with numerous exhibitions and special tours commemorating the Formula 1 legend. In addition, more than 500 cars from all classes and epochs will gather in the Motodrom. Open doors await the spectators everywhere, as the ticket includes free access to the paddock, the exhibition pavilion, the pit roof and the pits themselves.

Podium of race 2 of the OPEN class in Hockenheim.

2017 podium in Hockenheim: f.l. Stratford, race winner Gerstl, Jaksch


Entries: BOSS GP
Four Formula 1 cars are listed, all of them eligible to compete in the OPEN Class: BOSS GP Champion Ingo Gerstl from Austria with the very first F1 Toro Rosso, the American Phil Stratford in the light blue and white Benetton from 1997, Bernd Herndlhofer (Austria) with Arrows A22 and the German entrepreneur Wolfgang Jaksch in the popular Super Aguri. There is no engine capacity limit in the open class – ‘anything goes’ is the motto here.

Starting No
Name Team Nat. Car
1 Ingo Gerstl Top Speed AUT Toro Rosso STR1
7 Phil Stratford Penn Elcom Racing USA Benetton B197
21 Bernd Herndlhofer H&A Racing AUT Arrows A22
26 Wolfgang Jaksch F-Xtreme Racing Team GER Super Aguri SA06

15 cars are competing for points in the FORMULA Class, which has a maximum engine capacity of 4.2 litres: Four World Series racing cars and eleven GP2 racing cars complete the field of participants at Hockenheim, including the GP2 cars from the three BOSS GP rookies Bianca Steiner, Thomas Jakoubek and Manfred Loach from Austria. Loach’s racing machine is probably the most striking car in the field – the Dallara is painted in pink due to the sponsor.

Manfred Loach im pink-lackierten GP2-Dallara beim Vorsaison-Test in Brünn

Pink Panther: Manfred Loach in Brno for the first test in his eye-catching Dallara GP2

In addition to Jaksch, four more Germans will race at this first BOSS GP race weekend 2018: Karl-Heinz Becker, Florian Schnitzenbaumer, Andreas Fiedler and Walter Steding.

Starting No Name Team Nat. Car
100 Thomas Jakoubek Top Speed AUT Dallara GP2
101 Peter Göllner Speed Center SUI Dallara GP2
110 Bianca Steiner Top Speed AUT Dallara GP2
111 “Piter” Ray-Ban FRA Dallara WSbR
181 Manfred Loach Top Speed AUT Dallara GP2
212 John Reaks Speed Center GBR Dallara WSbR
222 Veronika Cicha H&A Racing CZE Dallara GP2
321 Andreas Fiedler Fiedler Racing DEU Dallara GP2
323 Armando Mangini MM International ITA Dallara GP2
411 Karl-Heinz Becker Becker Motorsport DEU Dallara WSbR
430 Martin Kindler Kindler Motorsport SUI Dallara WSbR
505 Walter Steding Inter Europol Competition DEU Dallara GP2
555 Christian Eicke Speed Center SUI Dallara GP2
888 Florian Schnitzenbaumer Top Speed DEU Dallara GP2
999 Salvatore de Plano MM International ITA Dallara GP2

Schedule: BOSS GP at Bosch Hockenheim Historic
The 4.5-kilometre Grand Prix circuit and the supporting events compete, so to speak, for the spectators’ favour. On each of the three days of the event from 9.00 a.m. on the race track is literally round-the-clock. The BOSS GP series runs two 25-minute training sessions, one half-hour qualifying session and two 20-minute races. Testing takes place on Thursday (April 19) throughout the day.

Friday: April 20, 2018

10:00 am-10:25 am: Free practice 1
16:15-16:40: Free practice 2

Saturday: April 21, 2018

10:35 am-11:05 am: Qualifying
17:00-17:20: Race 1

Sunday: April 22, 2018

13:20-13:40: Race 2

The schedule featuring all racing series can be found under this link

Phil Stratford im 1997er-Benetton in Hockenheim 2017

Phil Stratford in his 97′ Benetton drives around a corner in the famous Motodrom


Tickets for fans: Bosch Hockenheim Historic
There’s an introductory offer for ten euros on Friday. A day ticket for Saturday or Sunday costs 30 euros each, 45 euros for the weekend. Wheelchair users and children up to 14 years have free entry – paddock and free choice of seats included.

Tickets can be ordered on site, via the online ticket shop or by calling the hotline +49 6205 950-222.


Gerstl and Ledermair take the victories home in race 2

Podium of race 2 of the OPEN class in Hockenheim.

After a very crazy 2017 kick off race in Hockenheim on Saturday (22/04/2017), things worked out considerably better for the second race at the Hockenheimring on Sunday.

Eleven drivers made it to the starting grid of the race. Unfortunately five drivers had to cancel the race, mainly resulting from technical reasons or crashes. So there was no way to race for Klaas Zwart (Team Ascari) after his crash in Saturday’s race. A fact, as well drivers as fans regretted a lot: “I missed Klaas a lot on track. He is always one of my strongest competitors, so racing with and against him is much more fun”, Ingo Gerstl (TOP Speed) said.

While weather conditions were way better than on Saturday, which led to a crazy race, there was a smooth raceday on Sunday for BOSS GP without any crashes and no time under yellow flags or with safety car. First six spots of the grid where dominantly taken by Gerstl, Johann Ledermair (Ledermair Motorsport), Phil Stratford (Penn Elcom Racing), Florian Schnitzenbaumer (TOP Speed), Wolfgang Jaksch (F-Xtreme Racing Team) and Mahaveer Raghunathan (Coloni Motorsport) for all 18 laps. These drivers finally made it onto the podiums of the OPEN and the FORMULA class.

While Gerstl again raced a start-finish victory and lead the grid during the overall race time of 25 minutes, he secured his second P1 of the season and is leading the OPEN class ranking list by the maximum of 50 points. Phil Stratford showed a great performance like on Saturday’s race again and took it to P2, followed by Wolfgang Jaksch with his first podium ever in BOSS GP. Stratford and Jaksch take according positions in the ranking list of the OPEN class as well.

Podium of the FORMULA class of race 2 in Hockenheim.

Podium of the FORMULA class of race 2 in Hockenheim.

After P2 in first season race on Saturday Johann Ledermair took it to P1 of the FORMULA class in Sundays race and showed a quite bigger smile at the podium ceremony than on the day before, when he wasn’t that happy with P2. “The race worked out well for us. We still need more time and races to get more familiar with the new tyres by Pirelli”, the 25 years old Austrian explained. Schnitzenbaumer on P2 and, as in race 1, Raghunathan on P3 completed the podium. After the first two races of the season Johann Ledermair is now leading the overall ranking list in the FORMULA class with 47 points, followed by Mahaveer Raghunathan (Coloni Motorsport) and Florian Schnitzenbaumer (Top Speed), both with 40 points.

More informations about race 2 of BOSS GP season 2017 is to come.

So long find the detailed result of the race here: Hockenheim 2017: Results of race 2.

Starting grid for race 2 in Hockenheim is set

Starting grid for race 2 in Hockenheim is set.

After an turbulenced filled season kick off at the very first race of the year the starting grid for the second race on Sunday afternoon is set.

Second race of the season during the “Hockenheim Historic” will start at 2:15 p.m. Expectations and anticipation of the drivers are huge.

Highly ambitioned is Mahaveer Raghunathan (Coloni Motorsport), P3 in the FORMULA class in Saturday’s race 1 and starting from position 5 in race 2. “I will be much fast than in race 1 and I want to win”, the 18 years old Indian says.

Meanwhile Ingo Gerstl, overall winner of race 1 and P1 in the OPEN class in Saturday’s race and starting again from pole position in race 2, is hoping not only for good weather conditions but also for “a real challenge after the disastrous first race”.

“I hope for a real challenge.”
Ingo Gerstl (TOP Speed), Race 1 P1 OPEN class

BOSS GP - Results - Hockenheim 2017 (Grid R2)