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Report: Race 1 Hockenheim F1

BOSS GP delivered a show of superlatives within the German Grand Prix. Two safety car phases and the beginning of rain made the race the most exciting of the year.

For the 17 drivers and 2 pilots of the BOSS GP it was the race of their lives: In front of almost 30,000 spectators, Europe’s fastest racing series started for the second time this year at the Hockenheimring, but for the first time ever as support of the Formula 1 World Championship.

The start was already turbulent: Ingo Gerstl (Top Speed) in his Toro Rosso started from pole position, Phil Stratford (Benetton; Penn Elcom Racing) and Bernd Herndlhofer (Top Speed) were behind him at the flying start. The Swiss Roy Glaser (Speed Center) had a quick start and shot forward to third place in the first corner. However, he also benefited from the collision of team-mates Luca Martucci and Armando Mangini (MM International). Martucci lost the front wing of his GP2 Dallara.

But that’s not all with the action: Glaser made a 360-degree turn through his own fault, but continued immediately. Also Bianca Steiner (Top Speed) was involved in the action zone in turn 1, she had to avoid the flying front wing of Martucci over the asphalted run-out area.

Wolfgang Jaksch (F Xtreme Racing; started from position 8) and Florian Schnitzenbaumer (Top Speed; started from position 11) did as expected and were the biggest mover during the first part of the race. Surprisingly, Martucci did not enter the pits, instead he tried to continue without his front wing. Without much grip on the front axle the lap times dropped by five seconds. But Martucci was brave, behind him a slow train with at times five cars formed. First Jaksch passed the wounded Dallara of Martucci, then Schnitzenbaumer, who overtook three cars in only one and a half laps. Martucci finished surprisingly seventh, ahead of his opponent Armando Mangini (8th).

The first safety car phase brought disorder on the first places: The SC was triggered by a collision of Hans Laub (Speed Center) in the Forti with Bianca Steiner (Top Speed) in the Dallara GP2. The manoeuvre against Steiner went wrong, the gap was too small. Laub’s Forti rushed over the curbs on the inside and than into Steiner’s car – both did not finish.

The safety car brought the first pilots together again. When the track was cleared again, Roy Glaser reacted the fastest. The Swiss was at the start of a BOSS GP race for the first time this year. With his manoeuvre he surprised Stratford and Herndlhofer in front of him and overtook them, so he had made up to the first place in the FORMULA classification. Herndlhofer just overtook

Unimpressed by the events, Ingo Gerstl clinched his sixth victory of the season. When it started raining, the race was stopped due to the conditions. One of the victims of the rain was Wolfgang Jordan, who spun in the hairpin bend. Behind Gerstl, Phil Stratford and Wolfgang Jaksch landed in the OPEN class. Behind Glaser the Top Speed drivers Bernd Herndlhofer and Florian Schnitzenbaumer completed the FORMULA podium.

Walter Steding (Inter Europol Competition) finished in a good ninth place despite a spin in the reconnaissance lap. Karl-Heinz Becker, the oldest participant in the field, was probably just as happy about 10th place. Christian Eicke (Speed Center) finished eleventh ahead of Thomas Jakoubek (Top Speed), who only travelled to the Hockenheimring this afternoon.

Race 2 starts tomorrow Sunday at 11:10 am and goes over the longer distance of 25 minutes. Starting grid is the same as for race 1.


Photos: Daniel Glaser/BOSS GP

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Schedule BOSS GP

Friday: April 20, 2018

10:00 am-10:25 am: Free practice 1
16:15-16:40: Free practice 2

Saturday: April 21, 2018

10:35 am-11:05 am: Qualifying
17:00-17:20: Race 1

Sunday: April 22, 2018

13:20-13:40: Race 2

Night of Champions 2017

December 2nd, Flachau/Austria, 1.520 metres above sea level, surrounded by snow…

‘Lisa Alm’ one of the most popular party location in Austria was the perfect spot for the 2017 BOSS GP ‘Night of Champions’ powered by Pirelli!

An amazing evening where the 2017 BOSS GP Champions of both classes and the placed were honoured, entertaining 20min season highlight movie, excellent food and drinks, included by the performance of a international top DJ. What a night it has been to end this season..!

Pictures of today’s practice sessions available here:

Night of Champions 2017


FORMULA class: Qualifying at “Zolder Superprix” – Raghunathan and De Plano battle for fastest lap

Mahaveer Raghunathan (r.) finishing Qualifying as fastest driver of the FORMULA class at Zolder 2017.

Sunny weather after a rainy practice day on Friday made best conditions for the BOSS GP Qualifying at the “Zolder Superprix”on Saturday morning.

All seven cars went on track at 10:20 a.m. and showed a couple of neck-to-neck-races for best positions at the starting grid for race 1 of this weekend. Mahaveer Raghunathan (PS Racing by Coloni Motorsport)with his Lola Auto GP Gibson Tech 3.4 V8 performed the fastest lap of the FORMULAR class grid with a 1:20,541 min in his last lap (11 in total). He was followed closely by Salvatore De Plano (MM International Motorsport, Dallara GP2 Mecachrome 4.0 V8), who raced his fastest lap as well in his last lap (12 in total) with a 1:21,614 min. They were followed by Armando Mangini (MM International Motorsport, Dallara GP2 Mecachrome 4.0 V8) with 1:24,254 and Henk de Boer (De Boer Manx, Dallara GP2 Mecachrome 4.0 V8) with 1:24,665. Walter Steding (Inter Europol Competition, Dallara GP2 Mecachrome 4.0 V8, 1:27,061), Wolfgang Jordan (HA Racing, Dallara GP2 Mecachrome 4.0 V8, 1:27,947) and Karl-Heinz Becker (Becker Motorsport, Dallara WSbN AER 2.0 R4T, 1:29,848) followed.

De Plano at Qualifying at Zolder 2017.

Finishing Qualifying as second: De Plano at Zolder 2017.


Jordan and de Boer quit Qualifying earlier than planned due to spinning off the track after nine (Jordan) respectively ten (de Boer) laps. Nevertheless they secured their start position (Jordan: 8, de Boer: 6) for the first race of the weekend, which will start at 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon (duration: 20 min).

Mahaveer Raghunathan explained: “Qualifying went well for us. I’m very happy with the achieved result and start position 3 for the race.”

Results of the Qualifying at Zolder 2017.

Results of the Qualifying at Zolder 2017.


Since FORMULA and OPEN class race together at the same race, start positions for the race are composed by the overall Qualifying results. Both OPEN class drivers, Klaas Zwart and Phil Stratford, will start from pole position (Zwart) and position 2 (Stratford). Raghunathan as fastest FORMULA class driver starts from position 3, followed by De Plano (4).

The overall start grid for race 1 is:

Start grid for race 1 at Zolder 2017.

Start grid for race 1 at Zolder 2017.



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Schedule for “Zolder Superprix 2017”:

Start list for “Zolder Superprix 2017”:

Standings of season 2017:

Season 2018 – Upcoming Test Options

The management of the legendary circuit of Spa-Francorchamps offers one of their very few ‘noisy’ test days during the 2018 season:

When: 27 & 28 March 2018 (Tuesday/Wednesday)

Sessions: 5  (2 x 40min morning / 3 x 45min afternoon)

Costs (incl. VAT): Full day 850€ incl. 3x lunch pass, Half day 400€ (2x 40min), Half day 600€ (3x 45min) 

– Individual Timekeeping Service (Int 1, Int 2, Finish Line): 20€ incl. VAT

– Reservation of one garage (subject to availability): 200€ incl. VAT

For more information please contact:

Assistant Logistic Manager
Tel: +32 (0) 87 29 37 11
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