BOSS GP – Feel the Power

In the BOSS GP Series, one of the most spectacular and fastest European race series, brute race monsters from the Formula 1 go head to head against GP2, World Series by Renault and other powerful, fast and noisy Formula cars. This series is built on speed, spectacle and noise and will be a true paradise for the drivers as well as for the motor sport fans.

BOSS GP is officially approved by the FIA as an ‘International’ Race Series.

The abbreviation BOSS stands for Big Open Single Seaters. The races will be between the top classes from the international single-seater categories. There are three different classes in the BOSS GP series. In the ‘OPEN’ class, home for the biggest, fastest and most powerful cars, the newer Formula 1 type cars will fight for their Champion. In the ‘FORMULA’ class, mainly the GP2, Superleague and some Formula 1s from 1992 till 1996 fight for the podium positions and Championship points. In the ‘MASTERS’ class, the World Series by Renault, Nissan V6 and the Formula 3000 cars compete against each other. At the end of the season every class will crown its own BOSS GP Champion.

The performance of these cars is stunning, the starts are noisy, the races fast and furious. The series aims to stir the passion of all motorsport fans… with just a little assistance from the screaming V10 Formula 1 engines, the howling V8’s of the GP2, not to forget the smaller but still very fast and exciting cars of the World Series by Renault, Nissan V6 and F3000. All together they bring an unforgettable mix of sound and speed you will never forget.

BOSS GP is a truly unique series in European but also in Worldwide motorsport. The open paddock and relaxed atmosphere provides every motorsport fan with the opportunity to touch, admire and be photographed with some of the worlds most famous and powerful cars and to have a chat with their teams and drivers.

For this year there are 7 double-header events planned with 14 races in total. Only top-class and famous historical venues as the legendary circuits of Monza, Hockenheim, Paul Ricard, Dijon and Brno are scheduled for the 2015 BOSS GP Championship season.

The 2015 entry list is filled with an impressive mix of fast and noisy race cars from nearly every top single-seater category. The drivers cannot wait until the ‘green light’ turns on to push the pedal to the metal for another exciting and spectacular BOSS GP season!
Gentleman’s, start your engines..!