BOSS GP 2016
Formula Champion
Christopher Brenier
Easy Formula
BOSS GP 2016
Open Champion
Ingo Gerstl
Top Speed
Open Champion 2016
Ingo Gerstl
Formula Champion 2016
Christopher Brenier

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Season End

Season End

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Dec 09
BOSS GP presents exciting 2017 calendar

Two weeks before Christmas the BOSS GP Series has presented its 2017 racing calendar.

Nov 24
BOSS GP Night of the Champions

On November 19, the entire BOSS GP gang gathered in Mozart’s hometown Salzburg to

Oct 09
Van Eerd and Dorrbecker win closer

The 2016 BOSS GP season is over! A sensational championship year full of suspense,

Oct 08
Marques and Dorrbecker triumph on Saturday

Tarso Marques and Luis Michael Dorrbecker kept their cool in tricky conditions pocketing their