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Hans Laub defends MASTERS Champion Title

06.10.2014 - Hauser suffers a severe setback on his way to his title defense

Gary Hauser celebrates victory

Hans Laub defends MASTERS Champion Title It was not the most successful race weekend of Hans Laub’s career, but it was definitely his most successful season. In the end, position four (MASTERS) in both races was enough to defend his BOSSGP MASTERS Champion title one race before the season finale read more…

Ingo Gerstl and Karl Heinz Becker are the rain kings of Brno

17.09.2014 - Johann Ledermair defends top position in overall rankings


The BOSS GP has finally arrived in the Czech republic. The legendary 5,4 km long MotoGP Track “masarykuv okruh” in Brno showed a rather cold a rainy shoulder, but that did not prevent the BOSS GP pilots from delivering a spectacular show for the local audience. Especially FORMULA Class Pilot read more…

Zandvoort: Return of the Dutchmen

09.07.2014 - Marijn van Kalmthout and Klaas Zwart victorious


On the 5th and 6th of July it was once again time for the annual rain battle of Zandvoort. Marijn van Kalmthout and Klaas Zwart took this chance to prove that they are still part of the top BOSS GP pilots, despite lack of track time this season.   In read more…

StandingsFull Standings

Open Class
P. Name PTS
1. Johann Ledermair - Dallara - GP2253
2. Jakub Smiechowski - Dallara - GP2252
3. Gary Hauser - Dallara - GP2219
4. Philippe Haezebrouck - Dallara - GP2150
5. Ingo Gerstl - Dallara - GP2143
6. Hans Laub - Dallara - Worldseries by Renault133
7. Bernd Herndlhofer - Dallara - GP2124
8. “Tintin” - Dallara - GP2117
Formula Class
P. Name PTS
1. Johann Ledermair
Dallara - GP2
2. Jakub Smiechowski
Dallara - GP2
3. Gary Hauser
Dallara - GP2
4. Philippe Haezebrouck
Dallara - GP2
5. Ingo Gerstl
Dallara - GP2
6. “Tintin”
Dallara - GP2
7. Bernd Herndlhofer
Dallara - GP2
8. Phil Stratford
Dallara - GP2
Masters Class
P. Name PTS
1. Hans Laub
Dallara - Worldseries by Renault
2. Karl-Heinz Becker
Dallara - Worldseries by Nissan
3. Christian Eicke
Dallara - Worldseries by Renault
4. Walter Steding
Dallara - Worldseries by Renault
5. Peter Göllner
Dallara - Worldseries by Renault
6. Wolfgang Jordan
Dallara - Worldseries by Renault
7. Armando Mangini
Lola B02/50 - F3000
8. Christopher Brenier
Dallara - Worldseries by Nissan