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Zandvoort: Return of the Dutchmen

09.07.2014 - Marijn van Kalmthout and Klaas Zwart victorious


On the 5th and 6th of July it was once again time for the annual rain battle of Zandvoort. Marijn van Kalmthout and Klaas Zwart took this chance to prove that they are still part of the top BOSS GP pilots, despite lack of track time this season.   In read more…

Onboard with Gary Hauser in Monza (2014)

12.06.2014 - Dallara GP2 onboard camera


Get on-board with the BOSS GP championship leader Gary Hauser. Some highlights are the collision with Peter Milavec (0:12) while trying to overtake Gary after the start and the fight for the top position with Ingo Gerstl at the end of race 1 (1:10+).

Monza: Gary Hauser takes the lead in the BOSS GP Championship

11.06.2014 - Walter Steding takes home double victory in the MASTERS Class


The BOSS GP is back from its annual Grand Prix on the legendary „Autodromo di Monza“ in Italy. This year’s organizer had something special in his sleeves for fans of  80s and 90s music. On Friday evening Superstars like David Hasselhoff, Rick Astley, 2Unlimited and more put hundreds of visitors read more…

Test Possibilities 2014

22.05.2014 - UPDATE 6


The BOSS GP Foundation often receives information and offers about testing possibilities for BOSS teams and drivers but also generally for owners of big single seaters to test and prepare their cars for the upcoming race activities. Date: 29 July 2014  *Exclusive* Circuit: Spa-Francorchamps / Belgium Schedule: 4x á 50-60min (big single seater read more…

StandingsFull Standings

Open Class
P. Name PTS
1. Johann Ledermair - Dallara - GP2177
2. Jakub Smiechowski - Dallara - GP2165
3. Gary Hauser - Dallara - GP2150
4. Philippe Haezebrouck - Dallara - GP2145
5. Bernd Herndlhofer - Dallara - GP2124
6. “Tintin” - Dallara - GP2117
7. Hans Laub - Dallara - Worldseries by Renault91
8. Ingo Gerstl - Dallara - GP286
Formula Class
P. Name PTS
1. Johann Ledermair
Dallara - GP2
2. Jakub Smiechowski
Dallara - GP2
3. Philippe Haezebrouck
Dallara - GP2
4. Gary Hauser
Dallara - GP2
5. “Tintin”
Dallara - GP2
6. Bernd Herndlhofer
Dallara - GP2
7. Jens Renstrup
Dallara - GP2
8. Ingo Gerstl
Dallara - GP2
Masters Class
P. Name PTS
1. Hans Laub
Dallara - Worldseries by Renault
2. Christian Eicke
Dallara - Worldseries by Renault
3. Karl-Heinz Becker
Dallara - Worldseries by Nissan
4. Peter Göllner
Dallara - Worldseries by Renault
5. Walter Steding
Dallara - Worldseries by Renault
6. Wolfgang Jordan
Lola B99/50 - F3000
7. Armando Mangini
Lola B02/50 - F3000
8. Christopher Brenier
Dallara - Worldseries by Nissan